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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Ever heard of Gayndah, just 323km NW of Brissy ?

Well apparently its the oldest town in QLD filled with history and charm. First settled in 1849 there are still plenty of old charm buildings standing and interesting to note the a store called Mellors Drapery still uses the old flying fox system with their transactions.

It's the typical old town with a historical feeling, several lookouts, picnic areas on the Burnett River and even a town clock. Gayndah is the home to acres of citrus trees and extraordinary it has a live display of Lungfish which has a protection order in place to its near extinction.

But our real find was the massive museum right in the heart of town. I have never seen so much memorabilia in one place - it seems that the whole town has kept every little knick knack from years ago.

From simple bone handled hair brushes to massive steam engine plants, air craft spotlights, little D2 bulldozers and so much more. It’s a place where you only read about things, but its all here and most of the parts, engines and boilers, mills actually move, turn and work. It’s a very humbling place where if you’ve grown up on the land at anyone time, or maybe your 50+ you’ll remember a host of different things.

Across the road in the ‘house’ museum it’s just as good. Rows of historic everything you can imagine, radios, a working grandfather clock made in 1750, the history of barbed wire, a washing machines, mowers, and just so much more.

If your ever out this way - its a must do stop. This place caught us by surprise. While you're at it, look for the flood levels that filled the town back in 2013 where the Burnett River rose some 150 feet to cover the town in muck, but thankfully the town survived and lives on today.

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