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ZEEHAN ... Tassie

In 1642 the Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman, sighted and named Mount Zeehan after the ship in which he was sailing in. Then in 1802 Bass and Flinders confirmed Tasman's importance when they named both Mount Zeehan and Mount Heemskirk after the two boats Tasman had sailed in.

Today Zeehan is a classic "mining boom" town. Down the main street there’s more than half a dozen buildings which sadly the former grandeur of the town's late 19th century, and early 20th century, prosperity has been been diluted with new houses, a modern library, a modern police station and coffee shops. A little Zeehan fact is that when the Gaiety Theatre was built it was the largest concert hall and theatre in Australia. It had a seating capacity for over 1,000 patrons costing a staggering 7075 pounds back in 1898.

But saying that it’s an amazing town to spend an hour or two walking the streets and admiring the buildings. With Zeehan being an ex mining town it made its fortune in silver. 6 Kays out of town you can explore several old silver mines, see relics left in the area and walk through the old spray tunnel where a small loco used to carry the unprocessed rock containing the silver down near the town for processing. Today there’s a series of mountain bike trails around town ( including going through the tunnel ) that area fun for all.

Its great to see Zeehan also preserve their history as in town itself you can spend time at the miners museum walking through the buildings checking out the memorabilia but outside there’s all the big rusty stuff like mine towers, tumblers, machinery and so much more. Zeehan may be small in stature but a pretty interesting place to explore. Would I go back ?… bloody oath !.

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