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Theres no doubt that us 4wders want bang for our buck when choosing parts for our 4wd builds. Tyres are definitely one of the most expensive mods that we can do and being a disposable item, we need them to last. On my jaunt into WA last year, I chose the Maxxis RAZR AT after talking to other off-road users.

Now I’m not into dragging my Cruiser through thick mud anymore, but I found that the variety of conditions that I pushed through, these aggressive all terrains certainly showed their true worth.

Founded back in 1967, Maxxis started making bike tyres in Taiwan and through to today they are the largest maker of bike tyres in the world. Over the next 20 years, Maxxis delved into making car, truck and 4wd tyres for a huge range of diverse vehicles worldwide.

Roll into the 21st century and the Maxxis cooperation employs over 22,000 people worldwide in places like Taiwan, Japan, USA, Germany and more. Making such a prolific name for themselves they supply some of the world's leading manufacturers with OEM auto tyres, bikes ( both pedal and motor), Scooters and farm equipment.  

Now when I chose the RAZR tyres as they claimed to be the new flagship AT tyre for the company, where Maxxis gathered a stack of info from their involvement in off-road racing. With a dual cord casing and aggressive sidewall tread and with a new offroad compound, I found the RAZR one of the best tyres I have ever run. Being a stronger tyre I found that I had to drop the pressures down a little more to work to my liking offroad for a better ride and yet on-road they are super quiet and work well in wet and dry conditions.

My choice was backed up as when I got into the heart of WA I noticed a lot of the locals and local companies were also running the RAZR AT offroad for their durability in the harsh conditions both on and off road. I run 285/75/16 tyres on the cruiser and with this the Maxxis RAZR AT has an E load rating which come with a 10 ply rating making it super strong in the tread and more importantly the sidewall construction. Backed up with the 126/123R nominated speed and load rating, these tyres are super tough for our conditions.

Now after spending nearly a year in WA and traversing some of the most ruggered, isolated and tough terrains in the west, what are my thoughts?

Well seriously, I am a big bloody fan of these tyres. For me after an exhausting 50,000 km in the west covering some of the hottest bitumen roads, conquering massive sand dunes, driving iconic tracks across WA, exploring rough and unforgiving terrain and everything else in between the AT’s didn’t even think about letting me down. No Gibb River Road punctures, no Pilbara tyre staking, just nothing.

But quality comes at a price as I paid $365 each for my tyre size a year ago, and prices will vary depending on location and size. The Maxxis RAZR AT tyres were better than expected and at an affordable price, but more importantly, I'm expecting a long life and already getting amazing offroad capabilities from them.

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I had maxxis (751 from memory) incredible mileage and performance until one day they turned extremely greasy, overnight they went extremely slippery. I replaced all 4 with another set which outlasted the vehicle.

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