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When was the last time you headed up the mountain to Lowanna, just 35km west of Coffs Harbour ?

This village of 300 odd people was once a thriving town at the turn of the century when the railway was up and running.

Apparently the station was flat packed from America ( correct me if i am wrong - like a big IKEA project ) and it was the largest station on the line with several sidings plus it was the only attended station.

When the line fell into decrepitation it finally closed in September 1975 until the GMR restored it to what we see today.

The carriages are gone but its still a great place to visit if you have experienced the other parts of the line further down towards Glenreagh.

But you can still see the old loading crane, walk around the fully restored station ( and donate a dollar or two in the donation box ), and wander around and touch an old tanker ( that I think used to be at the Ulong siding ).

If you head up there pop across to the Ulong Cafe, say hi and have some of the best coffee and homemade cake on the coast. Maybe try and scoff down one of their burgers or other made with love meals - you wont be disappointed.

Do your self a favour and head up the mountain to Lowanna, where tall gums and stunning tree ferns line the road with the sounds of whip birds echoing in the valley.

Need a map or where the offroad trails are ?.. head into Coffs Harbour ARB 4WD & UTE EXTRA's for all the right info.

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