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Today theres a huge range on the market and one brand seems to have the spotlight shining on them ( no pun intended ). Kickass, a camping range from Australian Direct has produced 3 beautiful and multi-functional torches.

The humble camp torch has come a long way the past few years. We all remember the Dolphin globe torch, big and bulky yet waterproof but lord behold if it started going flat we had to struggle with the dimming glow through the night.


This little lightweight sucker is one of the best ones I have ever come across and packed with a ton of features. They have incorporated a rechargeable Lithium battery inside giving it 12 hours of use time on its maximum settings. With two different lights, a powerful spot and a LED which they claim to have an output of 200 lumens, but these two are also dimmable by holding the control button down to achieve the desired setting.

I found the spot extremely bright when on high ( I could see nearly 200 metres way ) and the LED had a great spread, perfect for watering around camp or down to the showers. The headlamp has the standard comfortable adjustable strap ( can adjust to 70cm - good for the bigger heads and helmets ) also a pivoting head to adjust the beam which has two clips to maintain the angle that you want making it very stable.

With the two C clips that make your torch angle stable, the main unit can be popped out so you can use it manually such as working in a confined spaced using the magnetic end to stick to metal, but honestly its easier just to hold the whole thing for this purpose. It’s rechargeable from the supplied USB cord and has a IPX5 waterproof rating ( which means it can stand the dust and showers, even a water spray for up to 10 mins ). RRP is $24.95


Kickass also do two other serious tube like torches. Both have similar features such as lithium batteries, rechargeable via the supplied USB cord, the internal battery can be used as a power bank, both have 6 different touch functioning light colours with 4 different modes ( low, medium, high and torch ) theres built in magnets around both ends of there torches ends to stick to metal, both have an emergency glass hammer, waterproof with a IP68 rating making them rustproof and waterproof and both made from an alloy body with ABS resin and silicon surrounding the PC transparent tube.

Getting technical , the larger one ( around 290mm long ) comes with a 3900m Ah lithium battery with gives you around 40 hours of soft light when fully charged, 22 hours of solid torch light and 13 hours when the mosquito repelling setting is turned on. Using the battery as a power bank it has an outage of 5v 2amp which is ample to get charge back into a phone or something similar. RRP is $49.00

The smaller one at just 164mm long has a 1300m Ah lithium battery obviously giving shorter brightness times. The torch will only last 8 hours, soft light at 30 hours and the mosquito repelling yellow light will last just 8 hours, which is ample around camp at night. RRP is $39.00

How do I honestly rate these ?

The LED headlight is definatly one of the best I have ever tried being a solid and light weight little unit throwing great lumens around camp. As always, bigger is better with the LED torch lights; where the 3900 punches out some series light and with the added bonus of the magnets its great for striking to the side of the camper or car for some subdued light while cooking or night maintenance work. But the smaller 1300 is the perfect size for the glovebox and emergency lighting. They both fit well in your hand with the controls at one end to flick through the settings and its a simply one button press for a few seconds to turn the whole thing off. For more info jump across to for a full range of their products.


Many years ago born and bred Adelaidian Klaeton Sheehan started a simple eBay store selling camping products to the general public. 12 years later the mother company, Australian Direct has grown to such an extent that over 50 staff are employed worldwide with International offices. Based on the Sunshine Coast in QLD, the company launched KickAss Outback Proof Gear specialising in quality 12V gear and has a list of products as long as your arm. Including shower units, fridges, premium solar panels, batteries and battery packs. 12v ovens, air compressors and fans, battery charges as well as camping and adventure packages. Other products include battery trays, fold-out shower tents, a range of torches, fridge slides, specialised wiring leads, outdoor entertainment systems and even a range of underwear, the list is darn right endless. In fact, they stock over 300 hundred quality products and are developing their own high-quality products for the camping, 4wd and caravan industries. The team at Aussie Direct and KickAss are all 4wd, camping and 12v enthusiasts who are all experts in their own field. If you can't decide on a product as a gift, they also offer a gift voucher, ranging from $25 to $1,000.

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