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People probably don’t associate waterfalls with the mid north coast, BUT, because the Great Diving Range is right on the door step of the coast, there’s a stack of just waiting to be discovered. I’d like to share just some of my favourites in the area, mind you there are a host more and these are just the tip of the ice berg.

In layman’s terms it all happened around 30 m million years ago when the east coast super volcanoes erupted plus the little Ebor one creating what we have today, and depending on which way the water flows from these peaks determines where the valleys and eventually where the waterfalls flow. Now some of these falls have designated names, others are unofficially named. You don’t need a stonking big 4wd to explore these waterfalls, anyone with a soft roader can drive to these few safely.

1. WAITUI FALLS. Midway between Port Macquarie and Taree in Coorabakh NP flows the ever so beautiful Waitui Falls. With a wide rock face and a deep pool at the bottom is always seems to flow creating its own micro system where delicate ferns and moss grow. A relatively easy one to find by heading west from Johns River to Hannam Vale and onto the aptly named Waitui Road for 12km.

2. MOBONG FALLS. West of Coffs Harbour high up in the hinterland in the Nymboi-Bindary NP is little known Mobong Falls. Surprisingly this water way spills sideways through a rock crevice and not straight over the edge. Viewing it from the top doesn’t allow you to see the entire falls in all its glory, you need to scramble to the bottom to be in awe. Head west from Coffs up to Ulong and onto Cascade, then head down Measuring Hut Road for about 15km until you find Mobong Creek. Park up and listen for the falls.

3. SWEET POTATO FALLS. This is the unofficial name for this stunning waterfall that is surrounded by broken ferns and has several different drop offs. Its another favourite as it seems to flow all year round as the water seeps out of a nearby swamp. The views at the top are stunning with pools of water in the foreground and as you look westward towards the ruggered Nymbodia area, Glenreagh and Nana Glen are in the valley below.

4. SCOUTS FALLS. The increasingly popular Scouts is a must do if chasing waterfalls. It's not about so much about the falls, but the walk to them. Very easy to find along Sherwood Creek road between Glenreagh and the highway. Park up at the sign and then the adventure begins with a 1km walk upstream to the falls. Most people will find the walk and rock hopping pretty easy, ever so attractive walking through the stunning sandstone and wildflower little gorge to the end. It's another one that always seems to have flow of some kind but when it flows hard it really pumps over two sections giving an immense wide flow.

5. BANGALORE FALLS. Now Bangalore is high on everybody’s list when they head up in the hinterland near Ulong. Either head up into the stunning Orara Valley then to Dairyville and up the easy 4wd trail named Pine Road. Or simply head to Ulong and out along Corfs Road. Sign posted to a beautiful picnic area surrounded by tall Hoop Pines and stands of Coachwood Trees its a stunning area, and often you’ll see a Lyrebird darting across the road. Bangalore Falls is an easy stroll from the picnic area along the dedicated path to a viewing deck. The walk down to the falls meanders past old growth cedar trees and amazingly tall tree ferns with the ground covered in iridescent green moss. The falls tumble down after the water gathers in a large pool at the top the showering the rocks below in different area. When there’s been some good rain anywhere in the hinterland, these falls crank and you’ll hear them from the car park. Very spectacular.

6. MAGIC POOLS. Now these deserve an honourable mention and are definatly a go to place in the heat of summer. Tucked up the back of the Friday Creek area in the Orara State Forest these falls are fun for the whole family. Head up deep into the Orara Valley and up Dingo fire trail, and right onto Carmadies Trail to the falls. Known to the locals also as the Rock Slide its a fun adventure exploring this water way. The keen can slide down where the water flows into the deep and often cold pool, yet the little ones can splash around in the side pools.

Want to know where more are ? shoot me a message and lets talk

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