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It’s getting harder and harder these days to find good Aussie-made products that are built to handle our harsh conditions, there are literally dozens of inferior products around that will fail when put to the test.

With my extensive year-round travels, I need quality and peace of mind knowing that the products I buy won’t give up before me. While travelling along through the Kimberley Region I recently came across Downunderlust Canvas and their range of handmade bags and accessories.

Kimm and Matt come from an extensive 4WD and camping background and they saw the need to make custom products while travelling on the road many years ago. Starting with a little sewing machine making their own bags in Broome, their friends soon saw how great the products were and soon began asking for their own. Roll onto today and they are now sending custom orders all over Australia and open to other countries around the world.

Based in the remote Kimberley region, Downunderlust is a small Australian-owned and operated company that specializes in recycling products into useful bags, pouches and much more. Kimm and Matt source swags, and canvas material offcuts from either online or locally to make their range of products. The choice of products ranges from their general online shop to custom orders that suit your needs. I had Kimm sew me up a large duffel bag plus some smaller bags to use while touring and I can definitely say these things are as tough as nails.

The sourced canvas is washed and dried prior to products being made and because some of it may have had a previous life, marks or blemishes may still show up but, that gives it more of a story. The straps are made from new material because generally, they are the first to degrade from Australia’s harsh weather, on the bags they use seat belt-type webbing. The larger duffel bags have flaps that fold over the zips for added protection. So far I have had no water or dust in any of my bags while travelling.

None of their products are massed produced making every product unique, and working with recycled canvas takes extra care as the materials have different structure qualities. Downunderlust Canvas products are handmade in Australia using 100% recycled canvas making unique and environmentally friendly canvas gear. The options are endless as to what they can put together -  and with a custom-made bag, you can ask for different colour stitching, a zip upgrade or even custom colour your bag depending on what canvas they have on hand.

I came across Downunderlust Canvas at Mount Barnett Roadhouse on the Gibb River Road, where Matt and Kimm are managing the operation. On-site in the store, they have a range of bags in different configurations for sale or can take orders for custom-made bags.


For more info jump across to their website at or jump onto their social pages for inspiration.

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